Local Development

Local Development is the most common type of development in Bellingen Shire. 

Local Development means development consent in the way of a Development Application (DA) is required before the development can occur.

Examples of Local Development Projects
  • Farm Stay Accommodation Development
  • Food and Drink Premises
  • Multi-dwelling Development
  • Eco-Tourist Facility
  • Commercial and Industrial Premises
  • Any development in the Bellingen Heritage Conservation Area
  • Boarding House Development

  A development is considered to be Local Development if:
  • If the Bellingen Shire Council Local Environmental Plan 2010 or a State Environmental Planning Policy states that development consent is required before the development can occur
  • it is not considered to be either a regionally or state-signficant development.

What approval pathway can I use to apply?

To obtain development consent, you will need to lodge a Development Application (DA) 

Lodge a DA