Hair, Beauty, Piercing and Tattoo Business

The Public Health Act 2010 requires Council to take an active role in ensuring compliance with requirements of the Act at premises where skin penetration procedures are carried out.

Business activities are regulated under the Act if deliberate skin penetration occurs which is not carried out under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

Skin penetration procedures are regulated due to the potential for transmitting serious infectious disease between clients.

Regulated procedures include tattooing, body piercing, and various beauty therapies (including waxing and micro-dermabrasion). Colonic lavage has also been included in the definition due to the potential for disease transmission.

Council's Environmental Health Officers are responsible for routine inspections of skin penetration premises to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Public Health Act (including, cleanliness, sterilisation of equipment, and personal hygiene of staff). Fees are charged for these inspections.

Hairdressing and barber shops

All new hairdressing and barber businesses must be registered with us. Some procedures can make the skin more prone to infection and we need to be sure that you and your staff have knowledge about infection control and hygiene. 

Businesses involving skin penetration

You will need to register your business with us if you undertake any skin penetration procedures – unless those procedures are being carried out by a registered health practitioner.

Skin penetration procedures include:

  • hair removal (wax or electrolysis)
  • acupuncture/dry needling
  • tattooing / cosmetic tattooing
  • ear and body piercing
  • colonic lavage
  • cuticle cutting
  • microdermabrasion / hydrodermabrasion
  • any other beauty treatment which involves the deliberate penetration of and / or removal of skin.


How to notify Council of your Skin Penetration Business
Did you know
  • If you are building a new premise, or renovating an existing one, starting an at home business, you may require development approval.
  • The design of all new beauty salons or premises undertaking skin penetration procedures, whether from home, mobile or a commercial premises must comply with the requirements of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 and the Public Health Regulation 2022.
  • Mobile businesses must comply with the same requirements for a fixed premises.