Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2017

Have you ever wondered how close you can build to your boundary, or what the height restrictions are on your land?

The Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2017 is where you can easily find this type of information. The DCP is the documents that guides development standards in the Bellingen Shire, it came into effect on 6 December 2017.

This is the sole DCP that regulates development in Bellingen Shire and is the culmination of a comprehensive review of the Bellingen Shire DCP 2010. The preparation of the DCP 2017 involved a review of DCP 2010 including an update of standards and references, removal of controls now covered by other legislation/codes/policies, a reduction of repetition and deletion or replacement of ineffective or onerous controls. 

The DCP can be downloaded in its entirety or by the relevant section

Quick Links - DCP 2017 Chapters:


Extract - Chapter 1, Single Dwelling(PDF, 265KB)

Extract - Chapter 2, Multiple Dwelling Housing(PDF, 2MB)

Extract - Chapter 3, Subdivision(PDF, 231KB)

Extract - Chapter 4, Tourist Development(PDF, 145KB)

Extract - Chapter 5, Carparking and Vehicular Access(PDF, 190KB)

Extract - Chapter 6, Preservation of Trees and Vegetation(PDF, 163KB)

Extract - Chapter 7, Advertising Signage(PDF, 300KB)

Extract - Chapter 8, Flood and Riverine Processes(PDF, 690KB)

Extract - Chapter 9, Landscaping Requirements(PDF, 159KB)

Extract - Chapter 10, On Site Sewage Management(PDF, 114KB) 

Extract - Chapter 12, Stormwater(PDF, 142KB)

Extract - Chapter 13, Universal Housing(PDF, 94KB)

Extract - Chapter 14 - Site Waste Minimisation and Management(PDF, 252KB)

Extract - Chapter 15, Heritage(PDF, 638KB)

Extract - Chapter 16, Koala Habitat Protection(PDF, 933KB)

Extract - Chapter 17, North Bellingen Urban Release Area(PDF, 451KB)


Changes made to the DCP in 2017

The DCP review has deleted Chapter 13 – Food Premises, Chapter 14 – Equity of Access and Chapter 15 – Development in Mylestom. 

The DCP 2017 now includes four additional chapters:

  • Chapter 13 – Universal Housing

  • Chapter 15 – Heritage

  • Chapter 16 – Koala Habitat Protection

  • Chapter 17 – North Bellingen Urban Release Area

As of 1 December 2021, a reference to an Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4. For further information please see Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021 (, and the following conversion table.

Current name New name
Zone E1 – National Parks and Nature Reserves Zone C1 – National Parks and Nature Reserves
Zone E2 – Environmental Conservation Zone C2 – Environmental Conservation
Zone E3 – Environmental Management Zone C3 – Environmental Management
Zone E4 – Environmental Living Zone C4 – Environmental Living


Changes made to the DCP in 2019

In November 2019 Council resolved to delete Chapter 11 – Advertising & Notification of Development Applications from the Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2017. This is because Council has adopted the Bellingen Shire Community Participation Plan(PDF, 2MB) , which now supersedes Chapter 11 of the DCP and is the new point of reference for how Council will advertise or notify people about Development Applications and other strategic planning maters such as the preparation of Growth Management Strategies, or amendments to the Local Environmental Plan.