Beach Watch Program


Council has partnered with the NSW Government's Beach Watch Program, to monitor and report recreational water quality at local swimming sites.  Water samples are collected and tested for bacteria, showing signs of faecal pollution, and whether it is safe for swimming.  The swimming sites have been determined due to the likelihood of contamination and the consequence of contamination due to the amount of use.  In a state-wide first, two freshwater sites have also been included.  The current program sites are:

  1. Never Never River - Arthur Keoghs Reserve
  2. Bellinger River - Lavenders Bridge
  3. Bellinger River - Mylestom tidal pool
  4. North Beach - near Surf Club
  5. Hungry Head Beach - near Surf Club
  6. Dalhousie Creek - near Surf Club

To see how your local swimming spot stacks up, check out the weekly star ratings via the link below.  The more stars, the better.

Weekly Star Ratings

Recreational water can sometimes be unsuitable for swimming, especially after rainfall when stormwater, wastewater and agricultural runoff can overflow.  Click here for more information on when it may be unsafe to swim.