Reducing Energy and Emissions


In line with its Corporate Carbon Plan Council has taken an active approach to energy efficiency and emissions reduction including:

  • implementing energy efficient lighting upgrades at 18 different sites
  • installing over 300 kW of solar panels
  • upgrading old air-conditioning systems to more efficient models
  • installing solar hot water systems at our swim centres, and
  • purchasing 100% Greenpower for our 80 small sites and 20% Greenpower for our 10 large sites.

In 2022/23 Council had an emissions reduction of 42% from the 2009/10 baseline. This is just 3% off our target of a 45% reduction by 2030.

Council is continuing to ambitiously pursue opportunities to reduce emissions including partnering with other councils to negotiate a renewable Power Purchase Agreement and looking at energy efficiency upgrades at our top energy-consuming sites including our swim centres and water and wastewater treatment facilities.