Regenerative agriculture


Industrial agriculture has led to some serious issues such as loss of biodiversity, soil degradation and erosion, water pollution, creation of high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and the need for high inputs of water, fertilisers and chemicals.

Regenerative agriculture offers an alternative. It is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, improves soils, improves water cycle management, responds to climate change and enhances ecosystem services. Essentially, it is about restoring and regenerating that which has been lost and enhancing that which is still there.

There are a number of producers in the Bellingen Shire already practising regenerative farming methods, including Levenvale Farm, Merricks Creek Organics and Demlane Farm. In addition, Bellinger Landcare is building a Regenerative Farming Network to support and connect landholders in the Shire to regenerate their land and biodiversity. Check out their fact sheets on regenerative farming.

Southern Cross University also offers a courses in Regenerative Agriculture at their Coffs Harbour campus.