Waste Collection

Domestic/Commercial Waste Management

All residents and businesses receiving a kerbside waste collection pay the Domestic Waste Management Charge. This charge entitles residents to a three bin system which includes mixed rubbish, recycling and organic bins. Residents that pay the Domestic Waste Management Charge are also eligible for one scheduled kerbside bulky goods collection and may request one bulky house waste collection each calendar year. Each voucher allows residents to self haul up to 300kg or three cubic metres of bulky household waste to the Raleigh Waste Management Centre at 146 Shortcut Road Raleigh.

Not all household waste can be put in your kerbside bins. Community Recycling Centres offer a FREE and EASY solution for the disposal of household problem waste such as paints, gas bottles, motor oils, car and household batteries, smoke detectors and fluorescent globes and tubes.

Residents that reside outside of Council’s kerbside collection areas, pay the Waste Facility Access Charge. This allows access to dispose of domestic household waste at any of Council's three waste facilities free of charge.  Domestic properties paying the Waste Facility Access Charge are also eligible for one bulky household waste voucher each calendar year. This voucher allows residents to self haul up to 300kg or three cubic metres of bulky household waste to the Raleigh Waste Management Centre at 146 Shortcut Road Raleigh.

Scrap metal can be taken to the Dorrigo and Raleigh Waste Management Centres for free. 

For any questions regarding your waste service please call the Coffs Coast Waste Services Hotline on 1800 265 495.

Any waste taken to any of Council's waste facilities by residents which is directed to landfill is required to pay Council gate fees and the NSW section 88 landfill levy as applicable.

Garbage Bin etiquette

Bin etiquette and placement is an important part of waste management and helps keep everyone happy.

Your responsibilities

  • Garbage bins are to be stored on private property between collections, not on the footpath or street.
  • Place your bin/s out on the kerbside the evening before or prior to 5.00am on collection day.
  • Bring bins in no later than the day after collection
  • Place bins 0.5m - 1 m apart from other bins.
  • Place your bin/s on clear ground at the road verge or on the footpath close to the kerb edge next to your driveway and away from any obstructions, such as vehicles, overhanging trees, electricity poles and letter boxes. 
  • Avoid placing bins behind parked cars, if you need to, you can place your bin in your driveway for collection
  • Do not overfill bins, lid must be able to close and be under 75kg
  • Do not remove any bins from your premises when you change residence.
  • Bags of excess waste next to or on your bins will not be collected and littering penalties may apply.
  • Bins must be facing towards the road, with the handle towards your property.

For some residents or property owners, asking neighbours for assistance or engaging the services of a property maintenance contractor may be required to meet these obligations.


For those residents who require some assistance putting bins out and bringing them in, please contact our Customer Service Team on (02) 6655 7300. We can set you up with Handy Bins “Wheel in, Wheel out” service. 




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