Community Vision 2035

The Bellingen Shire Community Vision is a plan for our community that describes how we can achieve our Shire’s vision. This Plan is based on the aspirations, knowledge and values expressed by our residents who provided feedback through online, telephone and face-to face community surveys and forums. It is a people’s plan and responsibility for achieving our long-term goals rests with everyone.


The plan sets out all the strategic priorities, outcomes and aspirations for the future of our local community, and is structured under five themes - Resilient Economy, Community Wellbeing, Places for People, Living Environment and Civic Leadership.

It identifies the main priorities and aspirations for the future of our local government area and addresses a broad range of issues and challenges that are relevant to the whole community and link to the agreed Community Vision.

When the Plan refers to “we” and “our,” it refers to the collective Bellingen Shire community including Council, other levels of government, businesses, other organisations as well as our residents. Our plan will be enabled in a range of ways which are described below:


Council delivers a wide range of programs and services including waste collection, libraries, maintenance of local roads and public spaces, recreation facilities and programs, community care, special events and regulatory functions.



Council builds strategic partnerships with Federal and State Government agencies, the private sector and a range of other stakeholders whose work will contribute to delivering the long term goals outlined in this Community Vision.



When not in direct control or partnership, Council gives voice to the needs and aspirations of the community by advocating for changes in policy and action at relevant levels of government and industry to bring about the best outcomes for our community.


Read the Community Vision(PDF, 10MB)