Our Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program is a plan that covers the term of an elected Council. To create the Program, we look at the Community Vision and ask what we can achieve over the coming term to bring us closer to the community’s Vision and Values.

The Operational Plan outlines the actions that Council will undertake in the coming year to achieve the Delivery Program strategies under each key theme. The Operational Plan also demonstrates how Council will fund these actions.

Detailed budgets on the proposed program are outlined in Council’s

Read our 2022-26 Delivery Program and 2023-24 Operational Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Resourcing Strategy

The Delivery Program is also supported by the Resourcing Strategy. The Resourcing Strategy outlines the resources available and required to implement the actions Council has committed to undertake. These resources include time, money, assets and people. The Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related elements:

 Long Term Financial Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Asset Management Plan(PDF, 10MB)

Workforce Strategy(PDF, 4MB)


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