Bellingen Shire Council Hosts Free Child Restraint Fitting Service

Published on 19 September 2023

chair seat fitting.png

Recent statistics reveal a startling truth - nearly 80% of child safety seats are fitted incorrectly, putting the safety of our children in jeopardy. Bellingen Shire Council is taking proactive steps to address this issue by offering a free child restraint fitting service for residents.

The innovative Restraint Fitting Station initiative by Bellingen Shire Council is designed to ensure that both baby seats and child seats are not only installed but also correctly fitted, significantly bolstering child safety during travel. This invaluable service will be administered by a Transport for NSW Authorised Restraint Fitter, providing residents with expert guidance and support.

Date and Location Details:

Residents of Bellingen Shire are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this vital safety service on Friday 6 October 2023, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Thein-person restraint fitting service will be conveniently located in the Bellingen Memorial Hall Carpark.

Appointment Booking Process:

To ensure a seamless and personalised experience for each family, we kindly request that appointments be made through the following link:

In cases where two or more car seats require fitting, we ask that a separate appointment be scheduled for each seat. Each car seat fitting session is expected to take approximately 15 minutes. Therefore, if you have two car seats, allocating a 30-minute appointment is advised.

Correctly installing and fitting child safety seats is a paramount step in ensuring the safety of our children while on the road. Taking just two minutes to secure your child properly can make an enormous difference, ultimately saving lives.

Ensuring that child safety seats are correctly installed and fitted is a vital step in protecting our children while on the road. Taking just two minutes to buckle up your child correctly can make all the difference and ultimately save lives. Book your appointment today to secure your spot at the Restraint Fitting Station and help us maintain safety on our roads.

For additional information, please contact Council’s Road Safety Officer, Kelly Green on 0447 465130.