Discover Opportunities to Contribute and Connect at the Friends of BMH

Published on 17 November 2023

Friends of the BMH Open day -Website banner.png

The Bellingen Memorial Hall extends an open invitation to all community members for the "Friends of BMH Open Day" on Sunday 3 December from 10am to 12pm.

The Open Day aims to provide information on the workings of the Memorial Hall, offering a genuine look behind the scenes. The Hall, steeped in a legacy of community collaboration, has evolved with the refurbishment and includes the establishment of the Friends of BMH. The Open Day will help people understand how they can be part of the Friends of the BMH community group, ensuring Council can continue the legacy of community involvement and ownership over the Hall.

The "Friends of BMH Open Day" is an opportunity for residents to explore diverse volunteer roles within the community group. Council’s Memorial Hall Venue Coordinator, Phil Nicholas will be on hand to describe venue operations, aligning attendees' skills with meaningful tasks. From assisting with Hall hires and events, to participating in working bees or tending to gardens, there's a role suited for individuals of all ages, abilities, and available time.

"Maintaining that legitimate feeling of community ownership, that's been the legacy of the Hall from the very beginning, is crucial to us," shares Phil Nicholas.

“Our hope is for everyone to experience the magic that the Hall holds and to feel motivated to add their unique touch to its lively future. The Open Day presents an ideal opportunity to delve into the different avenues for involvement and discover how each person can contribute to make a genuinely meaningful impact. Benefits of joining the Friends of the BMH group include connecting with like-minded individuals and guest access to a variety of events."

To reserve your spot for this engaging and informative event, please visit

For more information, please contact Phil Nicholas on 6655 7300

We look forward to seeing you at the Friends of BMH Open Day – morning tea included.