Songs of Paul Kelly: A Heartfelt Tribute Comes to Bellingen

Published on 11 March 2024

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Prepare to be transported through the lyrical landscape of one of Australia's most cherished songwriters as Robby T & the Messages present "Songs of Paul Kelly: Words + Reflections + Stories" at the Bellingen Memorial Hall on Saturday 6 April 2024.

If you've ever found solace, connection, or inspiration in the melodies and lyrics of Paul Kelly, you're not alone. His songs have woven themselves into the fabric of Australian culture, capturing the essence of life, love, and the human experience.

For Rob Torelli, a musician, barber, and businessman from Nambucca Shire, the songs of Paul Kelly hold a special place in his heart.

“He’s such a brilliant song writer who crosses a broad range of subjects, and it feels as though my own story is involved in a lot of his songs”, Rob explains.

“His lyrics evoke strong emotions and feelings of nostalgia, and his stories have also educated me in aspects of indigenous affairs.”

Songs of Paul Kelly is not merely a tribute act; it's a labour of love, a culmination of Rob's lifelong admiration for the iconic musician. Drawing on his own experiences and insights, Rob weaves together Kelly's timeless melodies with personal reflections and anecdotes, creating a truly unique and immersive musical experience.

Featuring a talented 6-piece band, Robby T & the Messages deliver Kelly's classics with passion, authenticity, and a touch of local flavour.

Tickets for "Songs of Paul Kelly: Words + Reflections + Stories" are available now. Secure your seats early to ensure you don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event.

Songs of Paul Kelly: Words + Reflections + Stories

Date: Saturday 6 April 2024

Time: 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM

Location: Bellingen Memorial Hall


Tickets: Available at