A Vision for Bellingen

Our vision for the future must encompass all aspects of living and working in our shire, as well as ways in which we are connected beyond our borders - regionally, nationally and globally. Our vision is about protecting the pristine natural beauty of our environment and enhancing our prosperous and safe community where inclusiveness and sustainable living are embraced, so that creativity and cultural activity can flourish. Connected, Sustainable, Creative.

Turning our vision into reality

We will:

  • prepare and implement a comprehensive and proactive planning program, which serves community needs and values and responds to regional and local issues,
  • provide a clear strategic framework for Council issue-based activities, in support of community needs and values and the objectives of the organisation,
  • co-ordinate the Council's planning and design functions, setting clear guidelines for Council activities as a service provider and regulator, and
  • liaise with and respond in a timely manner to internal and external customers and issues and provide a framework for prioritising action and allocating resources.

We are working hard to look after our customers and track our performance and make improvements.

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