Go Before You Go Campaign

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As we approach the bustling holiday season, the Bellingen Shire is encouraging visitors and locals to help protect the pristine waterways and remote swimming holes. 

Join us in keeping our region pristine and protected, for all to enjoy.


Five simple ways to be a guardian for our region:

1. Go before you go 

Make a pit stop at the public toilets before leaving the township. Many of our natural areas are not serviced with toilets. 

2. Leave no trace 

Pack an extra bag to carry any rubbish with you.  

3. Pick up after your pets 

Some of our sites are pet friendly -- it is important to check this before you head to an area. National Parks do not allow pets so please leave your furry friends at home if you're heading to one of our National Parks. For those pet-friendly areas, keep pets on a leash and bring a doggy bag to clean up after them. 

4. Be sun safe and sunscreen-wise 

Opt for mineral-based sunscreens like zinc to avoid harmful chemicals in waterways. Check the ingredients in your sunscreen. 

5. Explore responsibly 

If parking is challenging, look for designated areas to avoid damage to riverbanks and ensure safety for all. The region offers countless beautiful places to explore, from the mountains to the sea. If the car park is full, adapt your plan and find another spot. Consider visiting popular areas at quieter times of the day.

Bellingen Shire Council will roll out an advertising campaign over the peak summer season to help visitors and locals work together to preserve, protect and enjoy the natural assets of our beautiful region. 

Council’s aim of the Go Before You Go campaign is to highlight the shared responsibility of all people wishing to enjoy the special locations of the Shire. We invite the community to be part of the solution and ensure Bellingen Shire remains a paradise for generations to come. 

Public Toilet's in the Shire

The Shire has toilet amenities in all of the townships that can be accessed by the public. A full range of amenities can be found here


Urunga Public Toilet Map.png

Urunga Greater Area

Urunga - greater area Public Toilet Map.png


Bellingen Public Toilet Map.png

Bellingen Greater Area

bellingen Greater Area Public Toilet Map.png


Dorrigo Public Toilet Map.png

Dorrigo Greater Area

Dorrigo Greater Area Public Toilet Map.png


mylestom Public Toilet Map.png