Australia Day Awards

Submissions closing on 16 December 2022, 05:00 PM


Celebrating our local heroes, and the contribution of our quiet achievers is at the heart of what makes our Shire the place we choose to live, work and play.

Historically Council has recognised the efforts of our community and facilitated awards programs either on or around Australia Day as part of the annual celebration. Over the past few years the awards categories have been refined to really localise the honours which started with the introduction of our Home-Grown Heroes Award recognising the people in our community that volunteer to ensure our Emergency Service and support  groups remain active in times of need.

This year the categories have been refined further and the introduction of the Hidden Gem Award recognises those quiet achievers in our community, who selflessly give the gift of their time and attention, whether it be to help keep our pristine natural environment healthy or those who also help keep our bodies, hearts, minds and community active, happy and healthy as well.

Our Shire’s new 2023 Community Award Categories are listed below, so we encourage you to submit a nomination form because there are so many people in our community who are doing great things, leading by example, and giving the most precious gift they can give, the gift of their time and attention to others. So nominate today and celebrate someone you think is deserving in our community. 

Award Categories

  1. Home Grown Heroes Award - open to all volunteers and Emergency Service personnel and groups
  2. Sustainable Living Award - open to all local businesses, individuals and groups who protect, repair, and conserve our environment providing sustainable solutions for the local area
  3. Creative & Active Award - open to all local artists, active groups and individuals delivering social, creative, and active opportunity to our community
  4. Hidden Gem Award - open to all members of the community who have contributed, towards ensuring we remain a connected, sustainable, and creative community, giving the gift of their time and attention to help others

You can nominate someone for our Shire’s 2023 Community Awards Awards up until Friday 16 December 2022