Letters of Support from Council

If you're applying for a grant, it can be beneficial to have a letter of support from Council.

If you would like Council to consider providing a letter of support for a grant application, please note the following process applies:

Requests for letters of support should be sought at least three weeks prior to the closing date of the grant

Requests for letters of support should be put in writing (wherever possible) along with the following information about the grant being applied for:

  • Name of the grant;

  • Name of the organisation seeking the letter;

  • The amount of the grant sought;

  • The benefits to the community, should the grant be obtained, and the alignment of the project with Council plans; and

  • Any other relevant information.

When Council is considering the request the following process applies:

The subject matter for the grant and the applicant group will determine the relevant area in Council to assess the suitability of providing a letter of support for the grant sought.

  1. The grant or the outcome proposed by the grant should align with any relevant Council planning or strategy documents.  For example, this might include Council's current Operational Plan, Community Vision or masterplanning documents.

  2. Identify any potential conflicts of interest or Development Application/leasing/land owner consent issues if the grant request relates to any land/building/infrastructure (eg if the activity is proposed to occur on Council owned or managed land).

Do you need land/asset owner consent to proceed with your grant application? 

Please note that a letter of support from Council does not constitute land/asset owner consent. If you require land/asset owner consent from Council for a grant application please contact the relevant manager in Council with responsibility for the asset.