Animals on Country Roads

Slow down and keep a look out

Whether you are travelling through a country area or suburban street, animals, domestic and wild, can often wander onto the road unaware of the dangers of oncoming traffic.  One in every 41 casualty crashes on country roads involves a vehicle hitting an animal. Kangaroos, wombats and stray stock can move fast and be extremely unpredictable. When animals stray onto the road it’s hard to know what they’ll do next. Slowing down and being prepared, especially near sunrise and sunset, could save a collision or even save your life.


Injured Wildlife

If you hit a domestic animal, contact the owner, Police or RSPCA. Injured domestic animals should be taken to the nearest vet or animal shelter. Should you injure or kill a native or wild animal, try to remove it from the road but take care as some animals carry young in their pouches. Hurt animals can be cared for by the Wildlife and Information Rescue Service (WIRES).

Wildlife Rescue Line: 13 000 WIRES or 1300 094 737


Stock Crossing

When travelling on rural roads it is not uncommon to find livestock crossing as many farmers may own property on either side of the road. Slow down when you see animal warning signs. Animals are more active near waterholes and creeks, and are harder to see at sunrise and sunset.