Community Events

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Our Shire hosts an array of amazing events from weekly farmer’s markets to agricultural shows, music festivals and cultural gatherings. It is important that these events prioritise sustainability and minimise waste.

Case study: Bellingen Farmers and Producers Market
The Bellingen Farmers and Producers Market is a great example of a sustainable event. Held every Wednesday from 2:30–5:30pm at Bellingen Park, the market has embraced a zero-waste philosophy by providing re-usable plates, cups and cutlery and a washing up station. With Australians using one billion disposable coffee cups each year this is a great example of a local solution to a nation-wide problem.

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Case study: Bellingen Show

The annual Bellingen Show brings together community members from across the Shire and beyond to showcase their unique skills and talents through traditional agricultural events and the exhibition of agricultural produce, arts and crafts. This year the show stepped up and also led the charge on best practice for sustainable events!

The 'SustainaBellingen Showcase' featured a series of presentations, interactive panels and workshops on important topics such as habitat protection, regenerative agriculture, food security, seed saving, affordable housing and sustainable communities. This was well received by community members who are keen to see their Shire as a beacon for regenerative agriculture and sustainable living.

A mug library was available through Coffee for Climate which meant there was not a disposable coffee cup in sight. Meanwhile, OzGreen's Rethink Waste Team ensured that as much waste as possible was diverted from landfill for recycling or composting at the Northbank Community Garden.


Kids loved the climbing wall and active games such as sack races, egg and spoon races, hula hooping, bubble blowing and three legged races, which replaced many of the plastic-heavy side show stalls.

The Bowerhouse pop-up stall was also a big hit, selling a range of quality second-hand items which otherwise would have ended up in landfill. This was paired with the Bellingen Council's Environment Stall where show-goers tested their knowledge with an environment quiz, learnt about climate change, river restoration, invasive plants and biodiversity and walked away with a free native plant.



If you are planning your own event think about what sustainability initiatives you can incorporate. You can use this Event Waste Management Fact Sheet [PDF](PDF, 166KB)  to minimise waste and can also borrow a range of cups, bowls, plates, servers and cutlery through Council’s Zero Waste Tableware Library or by emailing to request a borrow box from the Bowerhouse Community Reuse Centre.

Together, we can all make a difference to the sustainability of our Shire!