Weekly Maintenance Program

Council's Weekly Maintenance Program is currently impacted as several crews are undertaking essential flood response. Please see below our planned maintenance works. 

Last updated 19 September 2022

Roads - Maintenance and Construction

Coramba Road, Dorrigo 

Grading works


Kalang Road, Kalang 

Grading works

Cleaning drains and pipe culverts on sealed section


Darkwood Road, Thora

Grading works


Tyringham Road, Dorrigo 

Pot hole repairs

Cleaning drains and culverts


Muldiva Road, Dorrigo

Cleaning of drains and pipe culverts

Bridges - Maintenance and Construction

Cob o Corn Bridge

On-site works continue


Diehappy Bridge, Darkwood Road.

Onsite works will continue for the next 6-8 weeks (weather dependant). 


Richardsons Bridge, Darkwood Road

Piling works will be undertaken over the next week (weather dependant)


Knights Bridge and Tysons Bridge, Kalang Road.

On-site works continue with temporary side-tracks in place.


Bielsdown River Bridge, Coramba Road

On-site works continue, lifting of super-t girders into place is scheduled for the 2nd August


Reactive maintenance as required

For more detailed information on our Bridges regarding closures, access, load limits and the like please visit our Bridge Renewal Program page.

Town & Parks - Maintenance and Construction

Town Maintenance 

Toilet maintenance - Dorrigo, Bellingen, Urunga

Public garbage collection - Dorrigo, Bellingen, Urunga

Kerb and gutter cleaning - Wheatley Street, Tamarind Drive, Church Street, Oak Street, Bellingen Street and Bowra Street. 


Gardens and Landscaping

Cedar Park, The Point, Sunset Ridge Reserve, Tamarind Drive, Bellingen Cemetery, Robert Wolf Park, Pump Station, McNally Park, Jubilee Park, McChrystal Drive and Hickory street

Water & Wastewater - Maintenance and Construction

Flushing watermains program Bellingen and Repton

Sewerage pump station maintenance

Installation of new water meters in Urunga

Responding to Service Requests raised by the community 


Waterfall Way - Maintenance and Construction

Safety inspection from Pacific Highway to Ford Street, Bellingen

Amenity and rest area maintenance  

Upgrade to guide markers, culvert markers and segment markers 

Continue works at Fernridge Lane construction site

Continue works at Pump Station construction site

Responding to urgent service requests raised by the community  





















































































































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