Other Household Waste

Raleigh Community Recycling Centre

Funded under the NSW Government Waste Less Recycle More initiative to drive waste avoidance and resource recovery, the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) will assist people to look after their own neighbourhoods and by making it easier for people to recycle and remove problem waste from their households. The centre takes motor oil, other oils, paint (oil and water based), car batteries, household batteries, gas bottles and smoke detectors free of charge.


Free Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Trial

An innovative trial has commenced to reduce the impacts of this material which never breaks down and which breaks up into tiny pieces, easily ingested by wildlife resulting in sickness and death. We now have an opportunity to recycle it at Raleigh Waste Facility, Short Cut Rd, Raleigh.

If enough material comes through the trial, it is hoped that it will become a permanent service. Polystyrene dropped off needs to be reasonably clean/free of residue, intact, and un-bagged. Smaller pieces, such as cups and trays, cannot be accepted.

Once collected, it will be taken to the region’s Material Recovery Facility and extruded into bricks to be reprocessed into all sorts of interesting things, such as venetian blinds, photo frames, and office products! For bulk amounts, contact HandyBin on 02 6691 8700 to arrange a suitable time.


Free e-waste Disposal for Bellingen Shire residents

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non-working or obsolete. These include computers, laptops, TVs, monitors, mobile phones, PDAs, VCRs, CD players, fax machines, printers, gaming consoles, etc. Bellingen Council is working with local company Matthews Metal Management Pty Ltd to prevent these valuable resources going to “landfill”. The program is a sustainable solution to a previous problem waste.

E-waste drop off facilities are available at:

  • Raleigh Waste Management Centre – Shortcut Road Raleigh
  • Dorrigo Waste Centre.- Old Coramba Road Dorrigo

Funded under the State Government’s ‘Waste Less Recycle More’ initiative, Council aims to achieve better waste diversion and recycling rates through the purchase and installation of public place recycling bins across targeted areas within the townships of Urunga, Bellingen and Dorrigo.


Seal the Loop Bins

Reducing the impacts of fishing tackle litter on the marine environment, Council has partnered with Dolphin Marine Magic to install Seal the Loop Bins, designed specifically for the disposal of waste fishing line and other tackle, at popular fishing locations in the shire, including Wenonah Headland, Urunga Lagoon, and Mylestom.


Raleigh Waste Management Facility Weighbridge

Also funded under the State Government’s ‘Waste Less Recycle More’ initiative, is the installation of a weighbridge at the Raleigh Waste Management Facility, which will allow for better waste practices at our highest volume waste facility and improve the service to the community through more accurate and fair waste fees and charges.