Addressing a Council Meeting

There are restrictions on the number of people that can be inside the Chamber and the length of time they can stay. You may only be able to stay for parts of the meeting. Priority will be given to those addressing Council during Public Access, then on an item by item basis.

Contact details must be provided before entering the Council Chambers. This will assist with managing numbers and contact tracing.

Attendees are required to follow all directions of staff.

Approval to speak

Council's Executive Assistant will contact you before the meeting to advise of the outcome of your request and provide further information. Before applying please read the Code of Meeting Practice to ensure you meet the criteria.

Your application will not be processed if any information is missing.  Please include the name and contact phone number of the speaker that would like to address Council. Should you require any further information, please contact Customer Service Centre on 02 6655 7300, ask to speak to the Customer and Business Services team.  You will receive a confirmation email accepting your application, please contact Council if you have not received this email.

Public forum addresses are to be five minutes in length. There is a maximum of four speakers per public forum unless otherwise approved in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice.

Complete the below form request to address Council


Applicants that wish to have a deputation to council on the item at the Ordinary Meeting of Council must complete this application by midday Tuesday, proceeding the Council Meeting.