Local Housing Strategy

The Bellingen Shire Local Housing Strategy 2020-2040 was adopted by Council at its meeting of 29 January 2020 and referred to the New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry & Environment for final approval. Final approval was issued for the Strategy on 15 April 2020.

The Housing Strategy is a plan to provide high-quality homes to all residents of Bellingen Shire and to make sure housing meets the needs and desires of our community. The Housing Strategy will guide development, decision-making and infrastructure priorities for the next 20 years, and has over 60 Actions that Council will now need to start implementing. The Local Housing Strategy supersedes those parts of the Bellingen Shire Growth Management Strategy 2007 that deal with development in the R1 Residential Zone.

The final approved documents can be viewed below:

Bellingen Shire Local Housing Strategy 2020-2040 Attachment 1 - Action Plan (PDF)

Bellingen Shire Local Housing Strategy 2020-2040 (PDF)

Bellingen Shire Local Housing Strategy 2020-2040 Attachment 2 - Infill Capacity Study

Bellingen Shire Local Housing Strategy - 2020-2040 Attachment 3 - Infill Design Study

Council wishes to thank every person who provided feedback over the course of developing the Strategy, and in helping us to deliver homes for our future!

Community Participation Plan

Community Participation Plan

Property Specific Planning Information

Property specific Planning information can be accessed by using the Department of Planning and Environment's 'Find A Property' application.

This application displays data held within the NSW Planning Database. This data includes Zoning, Bushfire Prone Land, Minimum Lot Size, State Environmental Planning Policies more data will be added over time.

To access 'Find a Property' click the link below

Find a Property (link is external)

Online Concurrence & Referral Service

DAs requiring state agency concurrence or consideration

Bellingen Shire Council is working with the Department of Planning and Environment to improve the process for development applications (DA) that require the consideration of one or more State agencies. A new online concurrence and referral service, accessed by councils through the NSW Planning Portal, will enable these requests to be progressed more efficiently.

This new service will be available mid year 2019 with an official start date yet to be confirmed.

How it works
When Council identifies a DA as requiring concurrence or integrated development approval, it will notify the relevant State agency using the new online service. The applicant will then receive an automatic email notification from the NSW Planning Portal, requesting payment of any relevant fees. Please note, these fees can only be paid online at the NSW Planning Portal. Cheque payments will
no longer be accepted.

Applicants need to register to log onto the NSW Planning Portal in order to make payment.

A DA is not complete and cannot progress until the concurrence and referral fees have been paid. Applicants can view the progress of their application at any time on the NSW Planning Portal.

Expanding the use of online services is part of a broader suite of reforms designed to remove complexity, improve transparency and speed up the DA process. The new concurrence and referral service will help the State government and local councils to work together to make the DA process more efficient while supporting better outcomes for the community.


The Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Core Koala Habitat Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

The Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Core Koala Habitat Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (the CKPOM) forms part of the ‘’Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Koala Management Strategy – January 2017’’ (the Strategy). The Strategy was adopted by Bellingen Shire Council at its meeting of 16 December 2015.  The Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Core Koala Habitat Koala Plan of Management, which is one component of the strategy, was conditionally approved on 17 November 2016 by the Director of the Department of Planning and Environment under the provisions of Clause 13 of State Environmental Plan No. 44 – Koala Habitat Protection. This takes effect from 14 December 2016, when council resolved to accept the terms of the conditional approval.

If you are preparing a development application to develop land with core koala habitat, the CKPOM in Chapter 2 of the Strategy confirms Councils requirements for addressing potential impacts on koalas, or their habitat, in your development application. Where a development application or consent from council is not required for a proposed activity on your land, the CKPOM does not apply.

The remaining parts of the Strategy incorporate management activities for Council, other tiers of government, and the community, that are designed to protect and manage koalas and their habitat in the shire. It is necessary to read the Strategy in conjunction with the CKPOM, however it is the CKPOM that contains the key regulatory elements to be observed as part of the Development Application process.


To download the adopted Strategy click here Adopted Strategy

Koala Habitat Mapping


For further information, please contact Land Use Services on 6655 7300.

Development Control Unit

If you need detailed planning advice for a development project, please arrange a meeting with Council's Development Control Unit and/or contact a Planning Consultant or in writing via a development enquiry.

For further information See DCU

Planning & Building Advice

From 23 November 2020 Council’s Planning and Building Teams will be available to provide general advice over the counter or by phone each Tuesday and Thursday.

If you are looking for advice on your home renovation or building your new home come in and chat to our staff. A quick chat early in the process can save you lots of time when it comes to lodging your planning or building application.

Contact us by phone on 6655 7300 or over the counter at Council Chambers, 33 Hyde St Bellingen between 8.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Making a DA Submission

If you wish to comment on, support or object to a DA, the Submissions Fact Sheet (PDF) (101.06 KB)  can help you find out what you need to do to have your concerns considered by Council while the application is being assessed.

You can make a submission by:
Mail: PO Box 117, Bellingen  NSW  2454


Customer & Business Services
ph 02 6655 7300