Connell Park and Dangar Falls Playground Upgrades


Connell Park and Dangar Falls Playground Upgrades

The Bellingen Shire Council was successful with their applications under the NSW “Everyone can Play Grant Program” and received funding to upgrade the existing Connell Park and Dangar Falls Play Spaces.

What is ‘Everyone Can Play’?

At the heart of ‘Everyone Can Play’ is the declaration that play is for everyone – regardless of age, ability or cultural background. Based on the three principles of Can I get There, Can I Play and Can I Stay, the focus of the Program is to create more inclusive play spaces in your area.

For more information on the Everyone Can Play Program and its design principles, go to

Connell Park

The upgrade of the Connell Park Play Space will be delivered in two stages with the construction of stage 1 expected to commence on 20 June or as soon as possible thereafter.

Stage 1 includes:

  • the replacement of non-complying playground equipment
  • adjustments on the existing soft fall
  • the creation of natural play elements like boulders, steppingstones and balance beams
  • the first stage of an inclusive footpath connection. Additional works to connect the proposed footpath around the extended Play Space will be built as part of stage 2
  • a new fence including gates will be installed around the new extended play space

Closure of the Connell Park Playground

For the upgrade to be done, and in the interests of the safety of the public and those working on the project, the playground will be closed during construction. It is estimated that the playground will be closed for approximately 8-10 weeks.

Dangar Falls Reserve

The upgrade to the Dangar Falls Reserve playground will:

  • see the existing playground moved further into the reserve to create space away from the new Dangar Falls Viewing Platform
  • create more space for people to sit, have a break and enjoy the surrounding nature, have a picnic under the existing shade sails or just supervise the children playing at the playground
  • have new play equipment installed featuring nature elements. This will include things like steppingstones, balance beams, boulders and a new sandstone block retaining wall around the play space
  • include a new footpath around the playground, improving the accessibility to the BBQ shelter and public amenities
  • install an additional shade sail to further extend a shaded area

Construction of the upgrade to the Dangar Falls playground is anticipated to commence on 2 May or as soon as possible thereafter and will be closed for approximately 10 weeks.