Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy.png

Bellingen Shire Council is committed to keeping its local and wider community well informed about its activities.

This policy has been developed to:

  • Outline the standards expected of Bellingen Shire Council representatives (as defined in 3.2) when they engage in conversations and interactions on social media platforms for professional or personal use.
  • Outline how Council will use its social media channels
  • Protect the interests of Council through any social media activity.

This policy aims to promote and uphold the following principles relating to social media engagement:


Our social media pages are places where anyone can share and discuss issues that are relevant to our Council and the community we represent and serve.


We will ensure our social media accounts are kept up to date with informative content about our Council and community.


The content we upload onto our social media pages and any other social media platform will be a source of truth for our Council and community and we will prioritise the need to correct inaccuracies when they occur.


Our social media pages are safe spaces. We will uphold and promote the behavioural standards contained in this policy and our Council’s code of conduct when using our social media platforms and any other social media platform.


Read the full Social Media Policy(PDF, 470KB)