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Public notices and items on exhibition  let you know about important activities that are happening in the Bellingen Shire.

Planning Proposals

Are the way in which changes are made to the Bellingen Local Environmental Plan 2010 (BLEP 2010) .The BLEP 2010 is the central piece of planning legislation that governs what you can or cannot do on your property.  It zones land for different types of uses (eg: Rural, Residential, Industrial), prescribes what activities are permitted or prohibited in those areas, identifies whether land can be subdivided, and protects things like heritage and other environmental features. When changes to the BLEP 2010 are being considered it is important to ensure that the views of the community are sought as part of the planning process. If Council is currently seeking the views of the community regarding a change to the BLEP 2010 then all relevant information will be made available through this page. 

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