Government Contracts

Public information relating to contracts with the private sector estimated values of $150,000 and above will be made available within 45 days of the contract coming into existence in accordance with section 27(2) of Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA).

GIPA Class 2 contracts which have not been the subject of a tender process, the contract is not publicly available and the terms and conditions of the contract have been negotiated with the successful contractor are identified in the Contracts Register by the contract number prefix "DIR-"

Bellingen Shire Council's Contract Register required under GIPA is available for download below. 

Contracts Register prior to FY 2018-2019(PDF, 133KB)

Contracts Register FY 2018-2019(PDF, 135KB)

Contracts Register FY 2019-2020(PDF, 148KB)

Contracts Register FY 2020-2021(PDF, 160KB)

Contracts Register FY 2021-2022(PDF, 185KB)

Contracts Register FY 2022-2023(PDF, 164KB)

Contracts-Register-FY-2023-2024.pdf(PDF, 88KB)